Cross Curricular Project ~ Two Bad Ants two_bad_ants.jpg

  • Reading:

    • Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg
  • Science:

    • Observe ant farm and describe how animals cause changes in their surroundings. Students watch an ant farm being built, observe the ants, and draw a picture of what the ant farm looks like over a period of several weeks. Students will draw the ant farm and record changes in the structure of the farm.
    • Using the Enchanted Learning site below, label the body parts of the ant and study the life cycle of the ant.
    • In table groups, students will research one type of ant and share the information with the whole class. Information can be obtained from the Pest Guide section on the Pest World website below.
    Voice Thread Chronicles Ant Farm Progress
  • Math:ant-apple.jpg

    • An ant can lift 20 times its body weight. If you were an ant weighing what you weigh now, how much could you lift?
    • An ant has 6 legs ... how many legs on 3 ants, 5 ants, 7 ants, etc.
    • Measure tunnels in ant farm
  • Social Studies

    • Using the Pest World website below, explore the different species of ants. Label them on the state or continent on which they live.
  • Writing:

    • Imagine you are an ant-sized. What obstacles might you encounter walking around in your own home/school/garden/street?
    • Write about a part of our classroom from an ant's perspective. Share what you wrie with your classmates and ask them to guess what you have described. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to guess correctly.
Flip Video of 3rd Grade "Ants"
  • Healthy Foods Fun:

    • In this culminating activity, students will make ants on a log using celery, peanut butter, and raisins. Ants-on-a-log.jpg
  • Game

    • Archibald's Adventure on the Pest World site.

Websites used in this activity
Pest World
Enchanted Learning

Ant Web Quest