MoneyTree2.jpgAuthentic Math Applications

Our focus for this unit was finding a job and determining the cost of an evening's entertainment.

Student Tasks:

  • Find an entry level, part-time job that a high school student might have. Students used the Web to find positions and salaries and worked with the assumption that they would work 20 hours/week.
  • Calculate gross pay
  • Calculate net pay
  • Students used the Kansas Department of Revenue site to find out how much would be withheld for state income tax.
  • Students used a Federal Income Tax Table to determine how much would be deducted for federal withholding.
  • Students calculated their Social Security Tax (6.2% of gross earnings), including Medicare (1.45% of gross earnings)

  • Plan an evening's entertainment for you and for a friend. movie-tickets-popcorn.jpg
    • Students could choose a movie, bowling, skating, Jumpin' Joe's, or Putt-putt golf
    • Students picked a place to have dinner -- fast food stops were eliminated from the choices.
      • Students used the Web to select where they would have dinner, chose their meal from the menu, and calculated the cost of dinner for two, including sales tax and a 15% gratuity.

  • Calculate the cost of getting to your destination
    • Determine mileage, the amount of gas that would be needed to reach your destination, and the cost of the fuel to reach the destination.