Math Matters!
White City Elementary TRC students in Grades 3-6 worked collaboratively to seek answers to the age-old question, “When am I ever going to use this math stuff again?” A team of four 6th graders developed a set of interview questions and drafted a letter used to invite adults to participate in their project. Students in Grades 3 & 5 and Grades 4 & 6 partnered up to form teams of four and set out with Flip video and camera in hand to interview adults. The mission was to find out if adults really used math in their personal and/or business life and how they used math. Each team consisted of a videographer, a photographer, an interviewer, and a recorder. Following the interview, each student team developed an end-product of their choice (Voice Thread, Glogster, PowerPoint, video) to share the information gathered from the interviewee and to create grade-level appropriate word problems to illustrate the concepts covered in the interview. Yes! It’s true … our students learned that math is used every day in the “real world.”

Developing our questions and Invitation to Interview

Hannah interviews her dad about math on the farm